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What 2 metals are SCUBA tanks made of, Aluminum vs. Steel tanks, How heavy is a SCUBA tank

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Jose Cernuda

Jose is a NAUI SCUBA Instructor. He has been teaching recreational SCUBA since 2001 and diving since 1993. He has certifications in technical decompression diving as well as cave diving. When he's not teaching or diving Jose enjoys traveling, riding electric skateboards, flying drones and lifting weights.

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  1. How often have I started a dive with too much lead? It ruins your buoyancy and makes the dive drudgery by ruining the “glide” between frog kicks as Jose so ably describes earlier in this excellent guide book. On the flip side I have often been diving with too little lead–often due to a new wet suit that has not broken in yet. Then you face the misery of not holding a good safety stop at the end of the dive. Avoid these woes by adding 3/4 pounds ditch-able weight for each AL 80 to compensate for the gas weight or better yet test it with a matching empty tank before the dive. You want this weight to be ditch-able in the event of an emergency so you can float to the surface. If you were to ditch ALL your weight it could cause a dangerous situation of rapid ascent.

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