Underwater Navigation: How to use a SCUBA Compass

By Carlos Sagaro

I remember when I first started SCUBA diving. My instructor told me I should always have an underwater compass with me when I go diving. He “went over” compass navigation in my basic SCUBA class but, by the time I received my certification, I had little more than a BASIC understanding of how to use a SCUBA compass. If you feel the same way I did, then read on because in this article we are going to go over the compass and how to use it as a SCUBA navigation device.

Parts of the Compass

The most commonly known SCUBA navigation device is the compass. All divers have one and should carry it with them whenever they go underwater. After all, we all know that there is no such thing as an underwater GPS for Divers! However, many of us, including myself when I first started, do not really know how to use the compass correctly to navigate underwater.


Feeling Lost During Your Dive Sucks!