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How To Never Feel Lost On A Dive Again, Even If You Have No Idea How To Use A Compass !

Most Dive Classes Completely Miss The Mark When It Comes To Teaching The Kind Of Navigation You'll Need To Use Most Often!

Let me ask you a question:

Have you ever been on a dive and either been lost and had to make an ascent to do a boat check? Or, have you felt that the only reason you weren’t lost was because you were hoping that the person you were following actually knew how to navigate the site you were on?

The problem of getting lost on a dive is more serious than you may think. In fact, as an instructor living in South Florida where SCUBA diving is very popular, I see the stories all the time about divers who were lost at sea. It’s pretty easy to get lost and unfortunately, if it happens the outcome isn’t always pretty

As you probably know, this problem is so well known that Hollywood has even made movies about it happening to divers. The scary part is that the movies were supposed to be based on real life events. 

In fact, the problem of divers getting lost at sea has occurred frequently enough that most dive agencies have now made it mandatory to carry a Submersible Marker Buoy or SMB on every dive.

They want to give you a fighting chance at getting found just in case you surface away from the dive boat. 

You see, one of the gaping holes in most dive classes today is navigation. Even more specifically, most classes completely miss the mark when it comes to teaching you how to use the environment as a navigation tool. 

Knowing how big of a problem this is, and knowing that the most common type of navigation that you need to master is natural navigation, we decided to create a complete video course called: Natural Navigation Mastered

You see, Natural navigation is something that takes time to teach and today's classes are just not set up to take the time needed to teach this important diving technique.

How do we know?

It’s because we are SCUBA instructors. We have a combined 30 years of experience teaching SCUBA diving both privately and at a University level. We’ve been involved in hundreds of technical dives and coached well over 1000 students over the years.

In all this time, if there’s one skill we’ve seen divers struggle with its natural navigation!

And here’s the thing that’s surprising, natural navigation can be easy! You just have to understand how it works, what to look for, and how to apply the techniques and tricks that many advanced divers use but are rarely taught in dive classes.

Natural Navigation Mastered” is a step by step video course which is delivered inside our secure member’s area. It’s designed to show you all the fine details involved in natural navigation that frankly, we wish someone had shown us when we first got started diving.

Because of this, we sat down and started to document all the techniques which we’ve taught our students over the years along with the tricks and hacks that we use ourselves when we go diving.

It turns out that a lot of what we use in the real world is simply not taught anywhere. You will not find many of these techniques in any textbook or agency guide.

So What Do I Get When I Purchase Natural Navigation Mastered? 

Natural Navigation Mastered is an online video course delivered inside our secure member's area. Once you log in you'll have access to lessons covered in two separate modules. In these modules you'll learn: 

  • How to use Meta-Level Awareness so you can quickly get your bearings on any dive site!
  • Why a compass is your "tool of last resort" and can actually hinder your navigational efforts!
  • 6 easy steps you can use to quickly assess any dive site before you enter the water so you can be armed with the knowledge necessary to execute the dive!
  • How to use the "Lazy Man Technique" so you can relax on your dive knowing with certainty where you are and can actually use less gas during your dive!
  • Why A Sandy Bottom Could Be Your Best Friend On Every Dive!
  • How playing "Hide And Seek" during your dive can actually make you a better diver, make navigating easier, and allow you to enjoy longer dives!
  • The "Sniper Hack" which, when applied to a certain type of dive, will ensure you always return back safely!
  • One conventional piece of wisdom taught by almost every instructor we know that, if followed, can actually contribute to you being lost at sea!
  • How to use "The Simon Says" technique to be 100 percent certain of your location underwater during every dive!
  • How to accurately determine how far you've traveled underwater even if you have no idea how big the dive site you are on!

"Personally, I wouldn’t attempt going on a single dive without knowing the lessons covered in this course"

Diving without knowing this could: 

  • Be potentially unsafe if you become lost!
  • ​Cause you to waste time and gas underwater just trying to figure out where you are going
  • Cause you to go on dives where you miss out on seeing all of the "good stuff"
  • Lead to you having dives that are just not fun because let's face it, who likes feeling lost during a dive? 

These Are The Lessons We Teach Our Students!

Unfortunately, most of these lessons are never taught by the vast majority of instructors.

And the best thing about navigation is that, unlike other diving skills, like mask clearing for example, which you have to practice multiple times under the supervision of an instructor, much of navigation is about understanding these concepts and how they work so you can apply them on your next dive.

The great thing is that these concepts don’t require you to get into a pool or go on a dive to learn. It’s about understanding what to look for and how to use the environment to your benefit. These are lessons which you will literally learn from the comfort of your home.

I know this works because it’s what we use when we go diving and, unfortunately, most divers are left clueless when it comes to this important skill.

So How Much Will This Course Cost Me? 

You won't have to pay full price!

However, normally the “Natural Navigation Mastered” video course sells for just $47 dollars….

Now, let me ask you something:

if a course that cost just $47 bucks helped you to: 

  • See more on your next dive because you knew exactly where you were going
  • Kept you from feeling lost during your dives
  • Helped you to stay down longer because you had to do fewer or no boat checks
  • Kept you from getting lost or even worse… spending who knows how much time on the surface trying to get back to the dive boat

If You Got Everything Mentioned Above Would It Be Worth $47 Dollars?

To me, all the above certainly is worth a lot more than just $47 dollars...

The good news is because we know how important Natural Navigation is and because we know that not knowing how to properly use Natural Navigation can actually put you in a dangerous situation, we’ve decided to dramatically lower the price of your course for a limited time. This way you can get this extremely valuable skill into your dive arsenal and also get to know us and the family.

This means that,  for a limited time, you can get  “Natural Navigation Mastered” for:

 $47 Dollars

NOW Just $7 Dollars!

That’s a staggering 85% off the regular price!

Literally, you can have one of those fancy coffees at Starbucks...

Or you can spend $7 bucks on our video course and learn: 

  • How to safely navigate every dive without needing to come to the surface for a boat check!
  • How to avoid the "rookie" mistake of getting completely blown off a dive site and spending most of your dive on the surface rather than down below!
  • How to be the confident leader of every dive!
  • How to use less gas during your dives because you'll swim more efficiently knowing exactly where you are going!
  • How to have longer more enjoyable dives because you won't waste time second guessing your direction and have to come to the surface to check!
  • How to become a better diver by mastering one of diving's most important yet seldom-taught skills!

The Choice is Yours...

Why Just $7 Dollars? 

If you’re thinking $7 dollars is cheap. What’s the catch?” Then let me tell you, there are 3 reasons why we did this:

  • First: $7 dollars puts this information within the reach of anyone… If you SCUBA dive there is no excuse for not getting this. It costs less than renting a single tank at almost any dive location and this is a skill that can save your life.
  • Second: we did this because we want to build a community of divers. By charging just $7 dollars, we help ensure that everyone who joins is actually serious about diving. If you're not willing to spend just $7 bucks for your safety, you're probably not really into diving. 
  • And Finally, we did it because, as instructors, we wanted to help as many people as possible get this important yet often neglected skill and make it ridiculously affordable. 

Do It NOW Because This FLASH SALE Will END! 

I don't know how much longer we'll be able to keep this internet special up, so now is the best time to get Natural Navigation Mastered. Get it now while it is still available. 

What Our Students Think About This Course

I'm actually impressed. Your $7 intro offer is a great deal. The first two modules are very well done, the ebooks are a great resource, and the bonus material was also well done. The structure of all of it is EASY TO FOLLOW AND UNDERSTAND

John D.

I have taken many courses over the years from GUE, PADI, NAUI, SSI, IANTD and many more. Jose and Carlos both bring many years of well-earned experience in this course. Great Job guys.”

Ariel V.

Yes, There's Actually A Guarantee!

All of our trainings have a 60-day, no-questions-asked GUARANTEE! In other words, If you are not satisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, simply email us and we’ll refund your money. We mean it, no matter the reason! Even if it is because you don’t like the way we look. We want to make sure that we over-deliver! 

This means that if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease. You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!​

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