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You read that right! This weekend only and for our subscribers only! We're doing something which we've never done before and we'll probably never do again!

We're literally letting you pay any amount of money for this course! (minimum one dollar)

This Course Retails for $47 Dollars. However, this weekend only you can get it for any price you want!

Why? Because this is our of saying thank you for being a part of the community. It's also our way of making sure that everyone who dives literally has no excuse for not getting this potentially life-saving information which will help you become a better diver. 

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"Natural Navigation Mastered" 

What Is Natural Navigation Mastered? 

“Natural Navigation Mastered” is a step by step video course which is delivered inside our secure member’s area. Natural Navigation is when you use the environment and its distinguishing features in order to navigate. This course is designed to show you all the fine details involved in natural navigation that, frankly, we wish someone had shown us when we first started diving.

Inside Natural Navigation Mastered You'll Learn: 

    • How to use Meta-Level Awareness so you can quickly get your bearings on any dive site!
    • 6 easy steps you can use to quickly assess any dive site before you enter the water so you can be armed with the knowledge necessary to execute the dive!
    • One conventional piece of wisdom taught by almost every instructor we know that, if followed, can actually contribute to you being lost at sea!
    • Why A Sandy Bottom Could Be Your Best Friend On Every Dive
    • How Playing "Hide And Seek" During Your Dive Can Actually Make You A Better Diver, Make Navigating Easier, And Allow You To Enjoy Longer Dives
    • How to use "The Simon Says" technique to be 100 percent certain of your location underwater during every dive!
    • How to accurately determine how far you've traveled underwater even if you have no idea how big the dive site you are on!

"Personally, I wouldn't Attempt Going On A Single Dive Without Knowing The Lessons Covered In This Course" 

Diving Without Knowing This Could: 

  • Be potentially unsafe if you become lost!
  • Cause you to waste time and gas underwater just trying to figure out where you are going
  • Cause you to go on dives where you miss out on seeing all of the "good stuff"
  • Lead to having dives that are just not fun because, let's face it, who likes feeling lost during a dive?

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